See Puppies Grow

Watch a litter grow from birth to adulthood.


Photo taken on day of birth, after all the pups have dried off. They weigh between 5-6 oz. and are born with eyes and ears closed.


1 week old

Pups weigh 8-10 oz. From L to R, girl, boy, boy, girl; close-up of 2 boys.


2 weeks old

Left & center photos are the boys, right photo the girls. Eyes are opening, pups are attempting to get up on their legs and walk and they're beginning to respond to sounds. They now weigh a pound each.



The girls - 3 weeks

The boys - 3 weeks

The pups are now walking and starting to play, though they're mostly still sleeping. We've had our first bark and first growl. They're getting their first taste of food this week, but their primary source is still mom. They weigh about 1 1/2 pounds.


4 weeks

The pups are now into everything, they like to play with each other, they like to play with toys - but mostly they still sleep. They're getting teeth and relying on food more, but mom is still very important. The 4th week is when they really begin to transition to food as their primary source, rather than mom (and mom is beginning to think that's a good idea). They weigh about 2 pounds. Socialization is extremely important at this point, as they're really starting to take in their world.


5 weeks

The pups keep expanding their world. Their teeth are in and mom's milk supply can't keep up with their demands, so their primary source of nutrition is now food, not mom. They weigh a bit over 2 1/2 pounds. They play longer at a stretch now, but still spend most of the day sleeping.


6 weeks

The puppies' activity level has gone up another few notches. They're weaned from mom now, though she still likes to spend a bit of time with them - as long as she can get away from those sharp little teeth. Above, you see their first foray onto gravel and grass, as well as their first introduction to a dog other than their mother. Ariel was very sweet about playing "auntie" - which is good, since she's expecting her first litter in early June.

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