Immunization schedule as recommended by CSU veterinary school:

- Three injection series for puppies of parvovirus, adenovirus 2, parainfluenza and distemper given at 8, 12 and 16 weeks.

- Following the initial puppy shots, a booster should be given one year later, then every three years thereafter.

- If Bordatella immunization is desired or required, the vaccine should be administered at least 72 hours prior to possible exposure and be repeated every 2-4 months as needed.

- Rabies vaccination times are determined by individual state laws.


Basic health

- For inoculations, please see the above immunization schedule.

- Internal parasites: Puppies should be wormed at 4, 7 and 10 weeks with a general wormer. If you buy your puppy before all three rounds are completed, don't be surprised if, upon stool analysis by your vet, your puppy still has worms. Despite the fact that a dam (mother) can test completely clear of internal parasites, all puppies seem to be born with worms. Just how is not clearly understood. Therefore, it's a rather routine, if unpleasant, fact of life that all puppies must be wormed. Protozoan parasites (such as giardia or coccidia) seem to be more of a problem in some areas of the country than others. Talk to your vet if you are concerned.

- Most breeders give buyers 48-72 hours to take their new family member to the vet for a well-health checkup. This insures to the buyer a healthy pup up front and to the seller a time period after which they can't be responsible for contagious diseases from which the buyer may not have provided adequate protection. Your vet should note vaccinations given and put your pup on a schedule to receive any it may not be old enough to receive. Your vet should also run a check for internal parasites, plus do a basic exam that should pick up any problems, from ear mites to heart problems to impacted anal glands (your pup should have none of these conditions!).

- If your vet is unacquainted with the Sheltie, please make them aware of the following:


Genetic diseases of the Sheltie for which there are tests:

Hip dysplasia

Eye diseases - Sheltie Eye Syndrome, PRA, etc.

VWD (Von Willebrands disease)

Thyroid problems


Inherited diseases or diseases which are possibly inherited in the Sheltie:


PDA (and other heart diseases)

Dermatomyositis - skin disease


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