Shadymist Shelties maintains a small "kennel" and breeds occasionally. Each breeding is done with the planning and hope that there will be a "keeper." Pets are sold on a spay/neuter, limited registration basis only. Because we do keep our numbers small, show puppies are occasionally available. Performance dogs are also sometimes available. Please check our Puppies/Litters section for more information. If you are looking for something specific, please contact us.

All breeding stock at Shadymist is tested for hips, eyes, VWD and thyroid. Please check our health section for more information.

The breeding philosophy at Shadymist strives to encompass the whole dog. The Shetland Sheepdog is unique in many ways - not the least being that it is considered a "head" breed (set apart in breed type by head detail) by many, while yet being a card-carrying member of the very functional herding group. Were we to breed strictly for head type, the working functionality (correct structure, tractable temperament and herding instinct) would all be lost. Were we to breed strictly for functionality, the endearing "look" unique to the Sheltie would be lost. It's a duality not many other breeds have to contend with. We at Shadymist consider it our founding mission to preserve and perpetuate all the best traits of a Sheltie - the look, the temperament and the working structure that drew us to the breed in the first place.

The Shadymist people are Breeya E. Barbree and Russ Martin, and our daughters, Devin (born May, 2001), and Sheridan (born Feb., 2003).

Today, Shadymist is located on three lovely acres in the Virginia countryside. We are pleased with the level of quality we have reached and continue to strive for improvement with each breeding. The future looks bright at Shadymist!

ASSA Member since 1998

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